Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Summer School - Day Twenty-One - Great Schools

It is B.C. Day and my family and I are up north at Jack Frost Lake.

I am watching my 3 year old daughter interact with other kids and wondering what her schooling will be like. She just started pre-school this year so my wife and I are starting to think about her future in the public education system. We have lots of choices.

What school do we want her to go to? Do we want her to be in French Immersion? Do we move to an area with a better school? What defines a better school? How do you know? The Fraser Institute would say standardized test scores and graduation rates are prime indicators of a strong school. But there must be more to it than that.

I want my daughter to have a rich learning environment that includes the arts, sports, music, social justice and clubs. I want my daughter to be challenged to think, to explore her creativity, to try... and fail... and try again. I want her to have teachers like the ones I work with every day who see student learning as the ultimate goal and research, create and innovate to make it happen.

Educational issues become so much more important when it's your kid you're talking about.


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