Thursday, August 11, 2011

Summer School - Day Twenty-Eight - Review

My summer school class is reviewing for the Provincial Exam, a standardized test required for all grade 10 math students. Fortunately, I have sample exams to help prepare students for what they are likely to see on the exam. In the summer, it is an e-exam. For many students, this will be their first look at an e-exam. Today we tried a sample e-exam from the Ministry of Education website.

The problem with review like this for a class like this is that most students just write the exam as if it were the real exam. When they get to a question they are unsure of, they guess. There is no real attempt to understand the problem and really no value in the review. At the end of the e-exam there is a summary sheet that shows which questions were answered correctly and incorrectly and gives the correct solution. Few students used this data to go back and review concepts unless I specifically asked them to. And then they just went back and guessed again.

What really works for review? Physics! Blog! has some great ideas here and here. But these are for Honours Physics. I am dealing with unmotivated remedial math students in summer school. I wonder what a truly effective review activity would look like in this class.


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