Friday, August 12, 2011

Summer School - Day Twenty-Nine - Teacher Thoughts

An informal poll of 3 other physics teachers at summer school reveals the following:
  1. Most physics teachers use the majority of class time to lecture yet acknowledge the limitations of lectures.
  2. Most physics teachers do some demonstrations or activities to teach concepts.
  3. Most physics teachers would like to do more labs but have little or no equipment.
  4. Most physics students love labs and activities.
  5. Most physics students don't like writing lab reports.
  6. Most physics teachers don't like marking lab reports.
  7. Most physics teachers grade based on quizzes and tests.
  8. Most physics teachers do NOT use standards-based grading.
  9. Most physics teachers are a little afraid of standards-based grading.
  10. Most physics students are wary of standards-based grading.


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