Sunday, July 24, 2011

Summer School - Day Fifteen - Half Way

Half way reflection.

Accepting a summer school position was supposed to be a little extra money, a way to keep busy in the morning, and most importantly a chance to try some new things. A whole summer off seemed like it would ensure that I continue to teach the same way come September. Teaching a summer class gave me the opportunity to keep thinking about change and try out some new ideas before implementing them in my classroom in the fall.

Hasn't happened.

Besides the obvious lazy summer excuse, there are several other factors that have limited my good intentions. Family demands, trip planning, pregnant sister-in-law, sick kids, challenges at church... all these things dominate my thinking during the course of a day. And when my thoughts do turn to teaching strategies, I am focused on the new year not on the summer course.

The good thing is that by lecturing and giving worksheets during the summer, I have found lots of time to read blogs and articles, review grading standards, and follow twitter. All of these things are continuing to shape my thinking and help me plan for the new school year. If it wasn't for summer school, I would not have the time to dig deep like this. I would be too busy recovering from a day of Vacation Bible School and swimming lessons followed by a weekend of gymnastics.

Teaching summer school has given me time. Time to research. Time to reflect. Time to write.

Time to think.


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