Thursday, November 23, 2017

Science Inquiry Resources

Last year, I hosted a series of after school workshops about science inquiry. I posted my PowerPoint slides and handouts on my Google Drive and put links to the various grade levels here on my blog. But each link was a different post and hard to find. So I am deleting those posts and putting a link here to the main folder.

Elementary Science Resources

You will find a folder for each grade level. I may organize the contents of each grade level folder by Big Ideas so it is easier to find what you are looking for. And I will continue to update these folders as I come across new resources and develop new lessons.

You will also find some general documents in the main folder that might be useful. A few highlights:

Simples Strategies to Promote Science Inquiry
This is a list of simple activities that can be used as regular classroom routines. They promote scientific thinking and skill development.

Videos for Science Inquiry in Classrooms
A document with links to various videos showing inquiry in actual classrooms. Many of these are from The Teaching Channel and combine classroom footage with interviews from teachers and researchers. I like these a lot because I can hear about the strategy from researchers and also see it in action.

Card Sort - Animal Classes
This is a new card sort I developed that I am very proud of. I thought it could be used in several grades so I put it in the main folder for all to see. I will continue to do this with activities I develop that can be used across multiple grades.

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  1. Thank you for all these amazing posts and resources. Amy